A few years ago, I had the privilege to buy a huge amount of Karoo Moon Handspun Wool. A lot of different colours, some that I would never even have looked at twice. But I have a soft spot for a pretty yarn label, and it being all natural fibres, who could resist.

Anyway, there I am with this mountain of handspun singles, and not any idea what to do with them. So, they went into my yarn stash, and became a pretty display, because, let’s be honest, yarn of that quality is gorgeous.

About a year later, I joined a CAL, presented by Bren Grobler. I thought this the opportunity to use my Karoo Moon Handspun yarn…. big mistake.

Hilda taught us that your pattern and yarn must compliment each other. If you are making an intricate pattern, use plain colours and yarn. If your yarn is WOW, use a simple, straightforward pattern, as simple as double crochets or garter stich. So back to the drawing board I went. I started with 120 chains and decided to use double crochets and half double crochets every second row, with one colour every two rows. Colour selection was that the next colour used should complement the previous colour used.

Getting back to this yarn…. This is not a yarn made in a mill. As the name implies, it is handspun, and the spinners name is shown on the label. As a spinner myself, I totally appreciate the make-up of this yarn. If you are expecting a perfect strand, this is not it. This yarn is sometimes thick, sometimes thin, it has the occasional pig’s tail in it. But it is an amazing medium to work with, allowing you to express yourself in a new way. Yes, it limits you in how you can use it, but once you understand how to use it, you get something as plain, but absolutely stunning, as this blanket I made. The overall picture is one of simplicity and comfort.

Order your Karoo Moon HERE: it is now called Full Moon.

If you want a gorgeous Ilona Heritage Hook as shown in the photo, orders yours HERE.

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