I remember the day I started knitting this little scarf. April 2020. That date says it all, doesn’t it?

We were scared. We were miserable. We were angry at a pandemic that disruptive life as we knew it. Extroverts suddenly had to stay inhouse and were getting depressed. Introverts were quite at home inhouse, even alone, but were also getting depressed. In a desperate attempt to maintain my sanity, I just crafted like crazy. Knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, all at once. Oh, the wonderful therapeutic quality of crafting!

The One Hank Scarf was one of the designs I knitted. It was with a very special yarn I had in my stash. I remember thinking by myself that I might as well use the special yarn; who knows whether I will ever get a chance to do it if not immediately.

We really need to change this mindset of saving special yarn for another day. We really have to.

I published the pattern on my blog, but somehow, that was one of the pages that disappeared when my website got a facelift. I have been wanting to republish it for a long time, but I haven’t yet re-knitted it to get better photos. The photos on Ravelry are not of a great quality, so I have been putting it off for months. And without fail, every week I get an email from somebody asking for the pattern.

So here it is, bad photos and all. Please consider sending me some beautiful photos of your creation, so that I can include those on Ravelry and here on my blog. Obviously, credit will be given to you for the photos.


100 g Fingering weight yarn (about 400m / 100 g)

4 mm knitting pins (if you tend to knit very tight, use 4.5 mm)


Cast on 9 sts using any cast on method.

Row 1 (ws):    
kfb, (yo, k1) x5 times, kfb, k1, p1 (16 sts).

Row 2 (rs):
slk1, knit to end.

Row 3:
kfb, (yo, k2tog) x5 times, kfb, k2tog, k1, p1 (17 sts).

Row 4:
slk1, knit to end.

Row 5:
kfb, (yo, k2tog) x5 times, kfb, k till 3 sts remain, k2tog, p1 (1 st inc).

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until you only have enough yarn to cast off.


  1. Iโ€™ve been looking for something special to gift to a precious friend of mine and this scarf fills that desire.
    It will be wonderful to make, each stitch will be filled with prayer, love and hope to be gifted with much love. Thank you for the gorgeous pattern.

  2. hello, I am currently knitting this scarf and have a question. Just want to make sure I read the instructions correctly. Keep knitting rows 4 and 5 until desired length and then bind off., There is no decreasing.

  3. I must have missed some instructions. I get the lacy part but when do you start the garter stitched part and it must continue to increase. Iโ€™m baffled.

  4. I have almost finished making your scarf and I am very pleased with the result so far. I am using 4ply sock wool. At binding off – how many stitches will be on the needle? Also roughly how much yarn is needed to bind off – 5metres or more?

    Thank you,
    Mary Hayes

    1. Hi Mary. For some reason I did not get a notification for your comment; I am so sorry for only replying now. The number of stitches on the needle will depend on how long you knitted the scarf; there is no way for me to accurately calculate it. However, I always leave a tails of about five times the width of the stitches (pull the stitches open when you measure) to cast off with.

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