Crochet Tutorials

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Blocking projects finish them off perfectly. If you are working on a modular project, blocking the individual pieces ensure a much easier joining process at the end.

Double Magic Loop

The single magic loop solves the problem of the hole, but it is weak. The double magic loop is a better option.

Invisible Join

Don’t close your last round with a slip-stitch! It’s ugly. Use the invisible join method instead.

Ripple Tutorial

This tutorial will demystify the ripple entirely. Plus, you will have quite a few ripple patterns to play with afterwards, written and charted.

Standing Stitches Tutorial

Starting a new row or round with a slip-stitch and chains, is so yesteryear. Standing stitches is the in thing! Follow the link for video tutorials for both left- and right-handed hookers.

Twisted Double Crochet Tutorial

Turning chains are out of fashion and in my world, they will never feature again. I came up with the Twisted Double Crochet many years ago, and since then, it has been adopted all over the globe. Follow the link for video tutorials (LH and RH, in rows and in rounds).

Wacky Weave Tutorial

Wacky Weave is also known as Interlocking Crochet. This tutorial covers the overlay starting method.

Weaving Tails Away

There is nothing worse than a tail coming undone, causing a project to start unraveling. Secure your tails properly with this method.