I have a friend that never wears a beanie. She just doesn’t like it. Luckily for her, she lives in sunny South Africa and our winters are mild. This friend is however planning a trip in February 2024 to go see the Northern Lights. She needs beanies. Desperately. Knowing she won’t wear them again after the trip, I made her a deal. I will make some beanies for her to take on the trip. Afterwards, the beanies come back to me to wear in winter. I LOVE wearing beanies! And with our planned long-term camping in the future, I am sure I will need quite a few in the winters to come.

The TwinTuck Beanie is the first one. This beanie is perfect for very cold weather; it has a double layer of Merino Aran. The inner beanie is snug for warmth, knitted in stocking stitch. The outer beanie is slouchy to trap more warmth between the two layers and knitted in double moss stitch. Originally, I planned on using only the red yarn, but I didn’t have enough, so I had to use black for the ribbing. Just as well as I couldn’t get a faux fur pompom in the red colour, but I found a black one. It just shows you, sometimes when our plans don’t work the way we thought they should, we just need to open our minds and look for the alternatives; often times the alternative is better in the end!

Enjoy the free pattern! Remember to show off your beanies and please tag me when you share it on social media.

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  1. I love this hat. I’m going give it a try for my kids and grandkids for Christmas! Thanks for this opportunity!

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