At first glance, the bushveld is dead and dry. If you don’t know this part of the world, you will wonder whether there is any living creature in this dry, arid landscape.

But once you start looking around, paying a little bit more attention, you will see the bits of green. And as you focus on the green, you will suddenly see a whole lot more of it.

Life is like that too you know. No one has a smooth path of moonshine and roses through this journey here on earth. Life is seldom easy. There are always challenges. Financial challenges. Family challenges. Relationship challenges. Health challenges. And the list goes on. If we focus only on the problems we are facing, life can become very overwhelming, very fast. But if we focus on the blessings we have, the positive things we still have, life becomes bearable.

Seek out the green bits in your life today. Look past the dead bits in desperate need of change. Every season has an end. Every challenge too. This too shall pass.

Take your crafting today, and while your hands are working, count your blessings. Seek out the green bits. Focus on those. It will uplift you. Choose to live with an attitude of gratitude today.

The rain will come. The new season will start. Soon, everything will be green. Today I celebrate the dry veld, because I can see the animals. Soon, they will all be hiding behind the dense, lush, green bush, and they will be much harder to see.


  1. My daughter and I were just chatting about this this morning. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Each cloud has a silver lining. 🙏🏻


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