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Wacky Weave – The End

It took me 5 years of continuous effort to get interlocking crochet, trending. When I started with this technique, I simply fell in love with it. I couldn’t get enough of it. Getting other people as excited about it was a long road however. For me it was a fantastic journey that I enjoyed immensely. I don’t know how many workshops I facilitated on Wacky Weave; I didn’t keep track. But it was many. I travelled substantially to teach this technique and I thoroughly enjoyed every class. I met so many amazing people during this journey, that I can honestly say, this journey was life changing for me.

Each CAL was an improvement on the previous one. In each CAL we explored something new, something different. La Loba is no exception. You need big girl panties for this one! There is some shaping involved.

I hope you all enjoyed the journey with me. Thank you to each person who participated in my CALs. Without people like you, people like me can’t do much. I appreciate each one of you.

Here is a celebration of my Wacky Weave CALs.

Wacky Weave Squares
Wacky Weave Babette
Wacky Weave Log Cabin
Wacky Weave Rainbow in the Round
Wacky Weave La Loba

Will there be another one? I don’t know. I have learned never to say never. Who knows?

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Wacky Weave La Loba

Wacky Weave La Loba is my last Wacky Weave (interlocking) CAL. I love a shawl and I love a hood. So this project is the perfect one with which to finish my 5-year journey with Wacky Weave. The hood is optional; if you don’t like a hood, make the shawl only.

This project is dedicated to myself and every other strong woman, who at some stage of her life, had to sing to the dry bones of her life, to get it alive again. It is for every woman who crocheted through trauma. It is for every woman who has been labelled weird, eccentric or nerdy. It is for every woman who values herself more than fashion. This cape is for the wild woman archetype. It is for La Loba, the bone woman. (From the book: Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estees).

Kits are available already from Afrique; the CAL starts on the 1st of November 2019.

Are you joining me La Loba?