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Will you journey with me?

This is going to be quite a long post, so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before you continue. 

This is normally the type of post you will read from people at the start of a new year when they decide to implement major life changes. Well, I have never been big on new year’s resolutions, so waiting until the end of 2021 to make a change will probably just result in me losing a few more grapes and I am already a few short of a bunch, so I might as well make a major change right now, smack in the middle of 2021. 

Social media has become a massive burden in my life. To be more specific, I hate everything Facebook. The constant changes. The ads I don’t want to see regardless of how many times I update my ad preferences. The propaganda. The (bad) news. We are living in trying times and social media is just making it worse. I don’t want to be bombarded with all the bad in the world anymore. Yes I know, ostrich mentality isn’t everybody’s choice, but right now, it is mine. I just don’t want to see it all anymore and no debate will get me to think otherwise. 

I can’t close my Facebook account. Not yet. I plan to within the next year or two. For now I have to use it as the advertising platform it has become. To get a new business going is hard without using the Facebook community groups. As soon as Essentiaroma Massage Studio is up and running properly, I will quietly escape from the miserable world of social media. However, I can choose right now to substantially limit my interaction on Facebook and that is exactly what I am doing.

Don’t worry, I am not closing down my Patreon. I am doing exactly the opposite! 

Patreon is a fantastic platform of which I have only utilised a fraction until now. From now on, I will share my entire immense love of all things fibre exclusively here on Patreon. Posts like this one where I chat about what I am working on, my progress on projects, my frustrations with design challenges etc, will be shared on Patreon exclusively, in public posts. That means that even if you won’t want to pay for any of my tutorial tiers, you can still stay up to date and even interact with me here. Just follow me on the Patreon platform. If you are a paid Patron already, you don’t have to make any changes other than becoming more active on Patreon with me.

Just like Facebook, there is a Patreon app in your app store. If you haven’t already installed it on your favourite device, do it right now! It is free of charge. And just like Facebook, you can comment on my posts and we can get a discussion going right here. Think about it – we have a virtual lounge here without any intruders such as unwelcome ads, bad news and propaganda. I cannot think of even one disadvantage. 

As far as designing goes – I am currently taking a little break, for more than one reason. Firstly, I am focusing the majority of my time and energy to get my massage studio up and running. Secondly, the Copyright Infringement has just become too much to bear. I know the break won’t be long. Designing patterns is an intricate part of my being and I will be miserable if I stop altogether. So as far as new patterns are concerned. I will design only for magazines and yarn houses that pay up front and of which the payment includes copyright transfer. That way I don’t have to guard my intellectual property and I can’t get mad if it is stolen as it doesn’t belong to me anymore. I will also from time to time design items specifically to share here on Patreon. There won’t be a set schedule to this as I want to enjoy the creativity process without annoying deadlines sucking every bit of pleasure from it. 

Every weekend I will share a public post with some news of what I am working on. That will include tutorials in the making, other fibre projects I am working on, etc. I am an avid crafter. I love to spin yarn, weave, crochet, knit and sew. I used to paint and decoupage as well, but my love for anything fibre has really taken over my craft life!

So here is my invitation to you. Will you journey with me?

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