Design Your Own – September 2020 – Sleeveless Jacket

Our September project is a unisex, sleeveless jacket. What will make this lean towards feminine or masculine is the colour of the yarn and the choice of stitch pattern on the collar.


  • The jacket is crocheted sideways, starting in the middle of the back. The only seams are the shoulder seams.
  • I recommend a really simple stitch for the bulk of the jacket; the example was done in half double crochet (US).
  • For the collar I recommend a textured stitch to really make it the focal point. In the jacket above however, the collar was done in half double crochet too.

Yarn Guideline

You can use any yarn in any weight. The sample was made with African Expressions Adore and a 6mm hook.

Colour Guideline

The method is more suitable to solid, semi-solid or variegated yarn.

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