Design Your Own – August 2020 – Pinafore

I have been wanting to make myself a pinafore for a long time. I finally did! But this pinafore has a cowl neck and I love it!


  • The pinafore is crocheted seamless, top-down.
  • The bulk of the pinafore is made in double crochet.
  • A dense and textured stitch pattern brings subtle detail to the cowl and the bottom edge.
  • The stitch pattern can easily be changed, making this one of those patterns you will use again and again.

Yarn Guideline

You can use any yarn in any weight. I used MoYa Shimmer in a double strand fashion with a 6 mm crochet hook.

Colour Guideline

The method is more suitable to solid or semi-solid yarns. The stitch pattern will disappear in a variegated yarn. A variegated pinafore with a solid colour cowl and bottom edge will however be very pretty.

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