Design Your Own – April 2020 – Jersey / Jumper

Our April project is a unisex jersey / jumper. What will make this lean towards feminine or masculine is the colour of the yarn. The design and stitch pattern are suitable for both male and female.


  • The jersey is crocheted seamless, top-down.
  • The stitch pattern is dense and squishy, making for a warm, comfortable garment.
  • The stitch pattern can easily be changed, making this one of those patterns you will use again and again.

Yarn Guideline

You can use any yarn in any weight, however, anything thicker than fingering will not give the nice and comfortable fit. I recommend a 4mm hook at the very most.

Colour Guideline

The method is more suitable to solid or semi-solid yarns. The stitch pattern will disappear in a variegated yarn.

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