Wacky Weave Squares

Project Information

This CAL consists of 12 block designs. Each design is used three times, resulting in 36 blocks.

  • For a small afghan: join the blocks 6×6.
  • For a runner: join the blocks 12×3.
  • For a shawl: join the blocks 9×4.

Yarn Requirements

The official yarn for this project is MoYa DK Cotton.

Kits are available from Afrique Yarns.

Each kit consists of:

  • 18x 50g balls i the main colour
  • 2x 50g balls in each of the six contrast colours – 12 balls.

If you choose not to use the official yarn, you will have to calculate how much yarn you will need, by making a test block, and then weigh, measure and calculate.

Avoid the following yarns:

  • Anything textured – you need a SMOOTH yarn;
  • Anything with a tendency to split – you need a high twist yarn;
  • Anything variegated – you need solid colours, in strong contrast to one another;
  • Anything thicker than DK – it will be too heavy.

Hook Requirements

I used a 4mm and 4.5mm hook. The only way you will be able to determine your hook size for this project, is to swatch. If you are going to use a kit, you HAVE to swatch. Otherwise you might not have enough yarn in your kit.

Gallery of Squares

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