Wacky Weave La Loba

Wacky Weave La Loba CAL starts 1 November 2019.

Wacky Weave La Loba - a cape for the Wild Woman Archetype

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Yarn Requirements

The official yarn for the project is MoYa Piccolo (250m / 50g). You will need 8 balls in Gris, 8 balls in your pop colour, and 6 balls in Bianco. Kits are available from Afrique Yarns.

Alette's Choice

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Tension Gauge

If you are using a kit, you have to ensure your tension is correct in order to avoid running out of yarn prematurely. You should have about 13 windows to 10cm. If you have more than 13 windows to 10cm, just ensure you won’t lose drape. If your window are less than 12 to 10cm, you might run out of yarn. Adjust your hook.

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