Wacky Weave Babette

This blanket is crocheted in blocks, which are joined at the end. Each block has its own design. The finished size is about 150×150 cm.

Photo Gallery

Click HERE for photos of the kits available from Afrique Yarn.

Yarn Requirements

The official yarn for this CAL is Moya Cotton DK (135m / 50g), available from Afrique Yarn. You will need 28 balls in your main colour, and 4 balls in each of the 6 contrast colours, 52 balls in total.

If you want to use another yarn, you will have to swatch and calculate your own yarn requirements.

Tension Gauge

If you are using a kit from Afrique Yarn, tension is very important to ensure you don’t run out of yarn. The recommended hook for the official yarn is 3.5 mm. Block 1 is your tension gauge for this project. It should measure 25×25 cm. If your block is bigger, redo with a smaller hook. If your block is smaller, it doesn’t really matter.

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