Let’s Learn Heritage Crochet and Knit Along



The official yarn for this CKAL is MoYa Shimmer, a 50/50 blend of Cotton and Bamboo.

Kits are available from Afrique Yarns.

Each kit consists of 26 balls of 50g each.

  • Colour 1 – Natural – 4 balls
  • Colour 2 – Light Grey – 4 balls
  • Colour 3 – Dark Grey – 6 balls
  • Colour 4 – Light Pop Colour – 4 balls
  • Colour 5 – Medium Pop Colour – 4 balls
  • Colour 6 – Dark Pop Colour – 4 balls

Should you choose to use another type of yarn, it is imperative that you use the same yarn throughout the project. Different yarns will results in different sized blocks and the joining at the end will be compromised then.


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