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In my hands – 18 July 2022

My Rebel Henley is done and I am left with a whole lot of yarn that can be repurposed. What will it become? I don’t know yet. I might become cowls for the little girl in Sweden. It might become a little sweater for the little man in Cape Town. Who knows? All that I know is that good yarn is never wasted. Somehow I will make something for a grandchild. For now, they are sitting in the yarn bowl looking pretty. This is a lovely mix of Merino Sock from Colourspun, one of my favourite yarns! I love the orange and terracotta colours. They look so warm and inviting.

My Moya DK for Log Cabin Patches is patiently waiting for me in my one crate. I am starting the blanket from scratch. I had quite a hassle getting a nice crochet tension again when I changed back to my old Ilona wooden hook. Eventually, I had to be really honest with myself and admit that the tension with the 4 mm was just too loose. So I am redoing it now with a 3.5 mm. I want to make something that will be used for many years, so starting over isn’t a big deal really. I just feel a bit sorry for my testers. Now they have to sit and wait for me to catch up again.

This is the yarn for a new sweater design. I can’t wait to cast it on! I am going to combine Colourspun Merino DK with Colourspun Kidsilk. The planned design is a V-neck sweater, with raglan sleeves, and minimalistic cable detail. My hands are itching for this one, but I don’t know if I will start still this week. I might. I might not. I have learned that the slow life gets very slow at times, and that is also okay. I am learning to just be content with what I can get done, without getting anxious about everything that can’t get done. Life is too short. I now choose contentment over achievement.

The children from Sweden are only here for another week. Next week Tuesday they will be flying back home. My heart aches to think about it. So I knit. Knitting is one of the most therapeutic things I can do when my heart feels heavy in my chest. The plum is Light Fingering Merino from Knotty Habit that I am using double strand with the Hosenmatz pattern. This is one of the few patterns that I will use again and again and again. My daughter loves these baggy pants and constantly begs for more. So ouma will gladly knit. Hopefully I can get one more set done this week still before they leave. The light coloured yarn is from Wol & Vlas. Hidden in there are subtle bits of soft plum. I think it will make a nice little sweater to go with the pants.

What do you have planned for this week? What is on your hooks? What is on your needles? Whatever it is, remember to enjoy every moment. We are so privileged to have our therapeutic yarn crafts. Don’t ever allow your yarnie craft to become a burden. Keep it as something sacred, something special, something you do, for you. And remember, it isn’t a race. It is a journey. Each project is a journey that should be enjoyed to the full. Make the journey memorable with good yarn, good patterns and good crafty friends.