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My Patreon Journey

I stumbled onto the Patreon platform a few years ago and immediately knew that this was the perfect tool for me to share tutorial content with my followers. The one big drawback of Patreon is that it runs as a monthly subscription service, rather than offering a single workshop or course, at a once-off payment. In the beginning, that didn’t bother me at all; I just had so much tutorial content that I wanted to share that I couldn’t see the end of it! But after a few years of weekly tutorials, I reached a point where I was out of ideas.

That left me in a huge predicament. Not having anymore weekly content, would mean no more subscriptions, and no more income. Let’s face the reality here – I love designing, but making a living from it, is very hard to say the least. Thankfully, many of my Patrons remained there, faithfully supporting me with their subscriptions, while waiting for me to find direction again. To say I am grateful to those people, it is a major understatement. Those people have carried me through an immensely difficult time.

A new direction: Living the Slow Life

After months of investigating different platforms, I made the decision to remain on Patreon. I have so much content there already; it doesn’t make any sense losing it all. But I cannot promise weekly content. So I created a new tier!

The new tier is called ‘Living the Slow Life’ and the monthly subscription is $3. I know you are already wondering – what is in it for you?

Tutorial Content

The “Learn to knit and crochet” tier remains as is. That is the still the perfect tier to join if you are learning to to knit or crochet, or both. If you have a friend that wants to learn, please introduce them to that Patreon tier.

Other existing tutorial content will be released to the new tier on a regular basis. I don’t want to dump it all at once. You will benefit more with a drip-feed.

I will also share the occasional tutorial there when I find something worthwhile sharing.

Behind the Scenes

I have had a few requests already from followers that want to know more about my thinking process with new designs. This include questions like:

  • What caused me to design a specific item?
  • Why did I choose the specific yarn?
  • How long did it take me and what is the process I followed?
  • What obstacles did I encounter during the design process and how did I overcome them?
  • What obstacles did the pattern testers encounter and did that result in pattern changes?

You will literally enjoy the design journey with me.


Through Patreon, you will have access to personal support on my patterns. For instance, I know it is difficult to substitute the yarn a pattern calls for if you are in another part of the world; I can help you with something like that.

Exclusive Offers

For each new design, both knitting and crochet, there will be an exclusive benefit to the Patrons. Sometimes a pattern will be offered free of charge for a limited time. Other times, there will be a pattern discount offered. Whatever it is, it will be exclusive to the Patrons in the ‘Living the Slow Life’ tier on Patreon. There might also be yarn discount offers for the kits of some projects.

A final word

If you are an existing Patron, please subscribe to the new tier. You can simply logon to Patreon and choose the new tier. Your current subscription will automatically be cancelled as you can only belong on one tier at a time.

If you are not an existing Patron, please consider joining me. Your small contribution of $3 a month, will go a long way to ensure I keep doing what I do best – designing!