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Embrace your craft

There are some parts of our crafts that we don’t like. I have heard many knitters complain about having to knit a test swatch. The hookers are even worse; they hate making test swatches more than the knitters. The weavers complain about the math before warping, and about the warping process itself. The spinners complain about the fiber preparation before spinning. Moan, moan, moan.

I realised over the weekend that I will have to start doing something creative to stay out of the deep hole of depression. I don’t feel like knitting. I don’t feel like crochet. It is as if I am empty. My creativity is depleted. I have no urge or want whatsoever to pick up the needles or the hook. Nothing. But I have fiber.

I have a sample box of Ashford fiber, 70% New Zealand Merino and 30% Baby Alpaca. This was a gift from my very dear friend Glynis from Brooklands ( I made myself get up and take it out.

I chose the purple in the top left hand corner. At first I just put it down on the table, just staring at it. Eventually I made myself sit down to start prepping the fibre.

Little by little the roving was split, pre-drafted and rolled into little nests. No haste whatsoever. I just sat and enjoyed the feeling of the fiber in my hands. I started relaxing and the frenzy in my head became quiet. By the time I was done, I found myself softly humming.

Tomorrow I will start spinning. 30 minutes a day minimum. I used to do it daily; it was my prayer time. Why I stopped I don’t know. Probably just the rat race that got me again. I have to guard against the rat race. I get carried away so fast and I only realise it when I am about to burn out. Slow life. Slow life. Slow life.

Embrace your craft. All of it. Not just the ‘nice’ bits. Embrace it all. It is part of the process. Sit and prep your fiber while you allow the peace to envelop you. Walk up and down warping your loom and day-dream about the gorgeous thing you are going to weave. Knit or crochet those test swatches so that you know you will enjoy the entire process without worrying about the final result or size.

In this crazy world we live in, we have to embrace our crafts. Without it we will all suffer and fall into depression. The times we live in, is unknown territory for all of us. We have to take real good care of ourselves and our mental health. So my dear fellow crafter – embrace your craft. All of it.

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5 thoughts on “Embrace your craft

  1. Thank you Hilda

  2. Hi Hilda!

    Baie dankie vir hierdie stukkie wysheid! Presies wat ek vanoggend nodig het!
    As jy my naaldwerkkamer sien sal jy verstaan dat ek ook die afgelope maande vat en los, vat en los en weer eens vat en los!!

    Ek gaan konsentreer daarop om rustig te raak en ALLES van vooraf geniet – ook die rafels se wegwerk!

    Rachel xxx

  3. Thank you Hilda for all your beautiful patterns! You have been so generous in sharing your talents & I have learned so much from you. I am hooked on Interlocking crochet. You have such a beautiful heart. May you always be richly blessed.

  4. I feel you Hilda! Lost the will to do absolutely anything for the last two months – not sinking into a depression though, just desperately tired from not sleeping. I still LOVE my yarn though (and still buying it!). My heart is still with it but the motivation and will to pick up the hook and actually DO any is gone for now. It will come back, I just have to keep stroking the yarn, reading the patterns, and wait.
    We’ll get there Hilda.

    1. Hang in there my dear. Hang in there.

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