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For the love of Yarn! Cedarwood!

I can do a happy dance today. I can easily throw my hands in the air with joy! I have Cedarwood Essential Oil! Whoop-whoop!

As most of you know by know, I love essential oils as much as I love natural fibre. And today, those two passions come together in a big way! Cedarwood is a natural insect repellant. Cedarwood blocks are quite expensive (if you can find it). Now and then we see a few blocks in a yarn shop, or in Woolworths, but my stash is way to big to spend that kind of money to protect my collection. But Cedarwood Essential Oil is next level!

You need one drop. Yes. Only one drop. Take a cotton ball or a ceramic or wooden button. Place only one drop of Cedarwood oil on there and place it in your plastic crate where you yarn is stored. You can refresh it once a month with a new drop.

Let’s look at price. I buy Cedarwood from DoTerra at R329.33. Cedarwood is quite a thick oil. Now depending on viscosity, essential oils yield between 20 and 30 drops to a millilitre. Let’s take the worse case scenario, 20 drops / ml. For R329.33, you will have 300 drops of oil! That is going to last you a long time!

And the best part of it all? You are pushing the relaxation working with yarn to a much higher level. Your yarn will smell like cedarwood and while you are crafting, you can inhale the lovely, woody but sweet aroma and experience even more relaxation. That in my mind, is a huge win!

Oh, and it works for paper crafts and fabric crafts too!

I am a doTerra wellness advocate. If you are interested in joining, let me know. I will assist you, not only through the enrolment process, but I will support you afterwards as well. Drop me an email if you would like more information –