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The Slow Life Scarf

The Slow Life Scarf was designed specifically for Moya Opal, a lovely yarn that consists 35% Superwash Wool, 10% Mohair and 55% Cotton. Each ball has 2 equal fibre weight strands, of which 1 strand, the wool &
mohair blend (the natural colour) is continuous with no knots / joins.The other strand, which is 100% cotton, is made up of 3 colours with 2 visible knots / joins and an abrupt colour change after each knot. In this design I used the entire ball of ± 135g / 450 m.

This pretty lace scarf can be worn in so many different ways. The colour migration is stunning, and the effect is enhanced by the migration from garter to lace.

This scarf is much easier than it looks. It is also the perfect introduction to lace knitting.


  • 1x ball Moya Opal
  • 4mm knitting pins

Skill Level



  • c/o              cast on
  • slk               slip the next st knit-wise
  • k                 knit
  • p                 purl
  • kfb              knit through the front and the back loop (increase)
  • k2tog          knit two together (decrease)
  • k2togtbl      knit two together through the back loop (decrease)
  • st                stitch (sts)
  • psso           pass slipped stitch over

Stitch Patterns

Garter Straight

Row 1:     slk1, kfb, k till 3 sts remain, k2tog, p1

Row 2:     slk1, k till 1 st remains, p1

Lace Straight

Row 1:     slk1, kfb, (yo, k2tog) till 3 sts remain, k2tog, p1

Row 2:     slk1, k till 1 st remains, p1


Increase Section

c/o 3 sts

Row 1:     slk1, kfb, p1: 4 sts

Row 2:     slk1, kfb, k1, p1: 5 sts

Row 3:     slk1, kfb, k till 1 st remains, p1

Repeat row 3 until you have 48 rows, 51 sts.

Straight Section

  1. Do 2 rows of Lace Straight.
  2. Do 30 rows of Garter Straight.
  3. Do 4 rows of Lace Straight.
  4. Do 28 rows of Garter Straight.
  5. Do 6 rows of Lace Straight.
  6. Do 26 rows of Garter Straight.
  7. Do 8 rows of Lace Straight.
  8. Do 24 rows of Garter Straight.
  9. Do 10 rows of Lace Straight.
  10. Do 22 rows of Garter Straight.
  11. Do 12 rows of Lace Straight.
  12. Do 20 rows of Garter Straight.
  13. Do 14 rows of Lace Straight.
  14. Do 18 rows of Garter Straight.
  15. Do 16 rows of Lace Straight.
  16. Do 16 rows of Garter Straight.
  17. Do 18 rows of Lace Straight.
  18. Do 14 rows of Garter Straight.
  19. Do 20 rows of Lace Straight.
  20. Do 12 rows of Garter Straight.
  21. Do 22 rows of Lace Straight.
  22. Do 10 rows of Garter Straight.
  23. Do 24 rows of Lace Straight.
  24. Do 8 rows of Garter Straight.
  25. Do 26 rows of Lace Straight.
  26. Do 6 rows of Garter Straight.
  27. Do 28 rows of Lace Straight.

Decrease Section

Row 1:     slk1, k2togtbl, k till 1 st remains, p1

Repeat row 1 until you have 3 sts left

Last Row:        slk1, k2tog, psso, cut your working yarn, thread the tail through the last st to bind off.

Weave in all the tails and wet block the scarf to open the lace.

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