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Hello Tribe!

Substantial changes have been made to my Patreon platform, in order to provide you with more choices and more value for money.

If you are not a Patron of mine at the moment, but would like more information, please read the new Patreon page before continuing so that you will understand your choices.

If you are an existing Patron – PLEASE READ ON. There might be some action required on your part.

If you are a Patron on the Let’s Learn Heritage CKAL Tier at $3 a month:

Please review all the tiers carefully and choose another one. To have exactly what you have now, please select the LEARN TO KNIT & CROCHET tier at only $1 a month. That is a saving of $2 per month.

If you are a Patron on the Crochet Tutorials Tier at $2 a month:

You joined with a commitment of four tutorials a month. I have to reduce this down to two tutorials a month. This decrease in content eliminates the need for a price increase. I sincerely hope this will be an acceptable arrangement.

Any questions can be sent via Patreon itself (there is a very nice Patreon app), or via email to