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Crafting with Corona IX – The Father’s Day Beanie

If there is one thing that I will never ever forget about this time of covid, it is that I finally solved the beanie mystery in this house! For years, I would make a beanie, my husband would wear it for an hour or so, and then it would go into his closet never to be seen again. He never wore them. But a certain shop bought, off white little beanie regularly made it onto his head. This year, for the first time, I realised that I have to take a good look at that little off white beanie. Something about it was obviously special. So special that he preferred that one over all the ones I made with so much love!

The much loved UZZI beanie.

This little beanie folded into quarters on the photo, is much loved by my husband. I never really took a good look at it until now! Upon close inspection I found it to be crocheted, with cotton yarn, in single crochet! Can you believe it!!!

I made many that he simply never liked. All because of this little treasure.

I wonder who crocheted it? A labourer in China perhaps? I don’t know. But whoever the person is whose hands created this little beanie, may he or she be blessed in abundance. I should have looked at this closely a very long time ago.

Well it is cold in South Africa and it Father’s Day was approaching, so I started crocheting. Some were finished before Father’s Day, one was made on Father’s Day and a couple more followed. All in all the father of this house was blessed with 7 beanies and guess what???? HE WEARS THEM! ALL THE TIME! YEAH!

From left to right: African Expressions Adore with a 6mm hook, left-over sock yarns in grey and red held double strand with a 4.5mm hook, left over grey sock yarn held double strand on a 4.5mm hook, Colours of Grace Merino DK in Orange on a 4.5mm hook, left-over sock yarns in grey and orange held double strand with a 4.5mm hook, Katia Socks in a Box held double strand with a 4.5mm hook and African Expressions Harmony with a 4.5mm hook.
The father of this house, happy with his beanie. On the left is Deon and on the right is Willie, both our sons in law.


  • About 100g yarn – use whatever you feel like;
  • A suitable crochet hook: it is worth your while using a hook just slightly smaller than you usually would with the yarn. I usually crochet African Expressions Harmony with a 5mm hook – for this hat I used a 4.5mm.
  • 6 stitch markers: one main marker different from the other 5
  • scissor
  • wool needle
  • measuring tape


This hat is designed for an adult male. I will not make this for a baby or a child due to the negative ease of the hat.

Abbreviations (US terms)

  • ch – chain
  • m – stitch marker
  • pm – place marker
  • rm – remove marker
  • sc – single crochet
  • st – stitch



Start with a double magic loop; crochet round 1 into the loop before closing it.

Round 1:
sc6 – do not close the round with a slip-stitch.

From this point you are going to work in a spiral.

Round 2:
Start in the 1st st of round 1, sc1, place your main marker in this st, sc1 in the same st, (sc1 in the next st, pm, sc1 in the same st) x5 times: 12 sts.

Round 3:
*(rm, sc1, pm, sc1 in the same st), sc1 in each st to next m, rep from * to main marker: 18 sts

Repeat round 3 until the crown has a diameter of 6.5 inches / 16.5 cm. Remove all the markers except the main marker.


I always refer to the rest of the beanie as the wall. What is should be called I have no idea. Wall works for me.

Round 1:
sc1 in each st around.

Repeat round 1 of the wall while you continue in a spiral, until the overall length from the start of the crown to the bottom edge is 7.5 inches / 19cm. End with 4 slip-stitches. End off and weave away all the tails.

I hope the man in your life enjoys it as much as my husband! He is happy so I am very, very happy! Finally!