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Dream a Dream – Crafting with Corona III

Covid-19 has changed our world overnight. The result in my house is a lack of yarn to design with! Imagine that! Sure I have stash, but the stuff in my stash is not exactly suitable for projects that will feature in South African magazines, as the yarn is either not readily available in South Africa, or, not available at all, or way too expensive for the average crafter. Regardless of all the reasons why not to use the yarn, I have no other option! To make matters worse, I normally only buy 1 or two hanks, which means my projects will have to smallish for a while.

Well, I had to design a shawl. The yarn I wanted to use for the shawl didn’t make it to me before the lock down started. Luckily one of my testers had enough yarn. I decided to write the pattern only. Unfortunately, right now, my concentration levels are just not on par. I have good days and I have bad days, just like everybody else. But even on good days, I battle. So my math was off and the testers battled to test. I decided to join them and went to my stash to find something that could work. Pfffffft. What a mission.

The only yarn I had that could possibly work, was Pierrot Fancy Yarns, a gift from a special friend. This yarn is manufactured in Japan and it isn’t available in South Africa as far as I know. It is a mix between linen and rami (stinging nettle).

When I started working it up, I really didn’t like it. It feels like twine and it is splitty. You can actually see both those characteristics just be looking at the photo! But boy oh boy – the perseverance was so worth it. Just look at this drape!

Unfortunately, I cannot share this pattern with you as it will be published in a magazine once the lock down has been lifted. As this point in time I choose to see it that way. Right now I don’t want to focus on all the what-ifs and what-nots. I choose to think normality will come again. Eventually.

Stay positive. Please stay positive. And stick to the rules and regulations in place where you are. That is the most important.