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The Therapeutic Shawl – Crafting with Corona I

Corona. Covid-19. Words that suddenly fill every screen, every news bulletin, every newspaper, every magazine. Our world has changed so much in a few weeks. I have never been a fearful person, but this thing is messing with my mind. I am one of those with compromised immunity. I stay in my house. But my husband has to work. He mingles daily with people who make use of public transport. This morning I realised, no matter what I do and how much I stress, it won’t make a difference. The chance that I will contract this virus is big. I might as well come to terms with it.

Yesterday I simply could not concentrate on a difficult design I am working on. Eventually I just gave up. My concentration is horrid at this point in time. So I decided it is time for some meditative crochet. And you know what? I went to my stash and took out some of the most expensive and the most special yarns I have. Why not? Let me be honest about my reasoning. If I die because of this virus, I would have missed the opportunity to work with this yarn. I would have missed the opportunity to wear a garment made with this amazing yarn. So why leave it in the stash? For when? For who? For what? It doesn’t make sense any more. Yes I know I can die right now of a heart attack or whatever. We all know that but we don’t think about it daily. Corona forced us to think a bit more about death being inevitable. Who knows when and how it will come? I don’t. So stuff this. I will use my special yarns right now. I am not even looking for some fancy pattern that I previously would have thought to be worthy of this yarn. No. I am doing a granny shawl. Simple. Meditative. Therapeutic. The border will however be elaborate to finish it off. But I will worry about the border when I get there. For now, I am just enjoying the yarn.

I bought all of these a year ago when we visited our oldest daughter in New Zealand. For a year my poor yarns have been in lock down! Think about that!

Light Grey: Touch Possum Yarn (60% Merino, 30% Possum Fur, 10% Silk)
Dark Grey and Black: Naturally Amuri (75% Merino, 25% Possum)
Cerise: Misti Alpaca (50% Alpaca, 30% Merino, 10% Silk, 10% Nylon)

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17 thoughts on “The Therapeutic Shawl – Crafting with Corona I

  1. love your idea, Hilda! I am in and I can’t wait for the knitted version.

    Stay save!

    big hug from

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  3. What is a granny cluster? There is nothing in your abbreviations to show what this is.

    1. The three dc next to each other in little groups, are commonly referred to as a granny cluster.

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  5. Thank you for your honesty, it’s so refreshing! Many thanks for this gorgeous shawl, I’ll start working on it now.

  6. Today I happened upon your blog and loved this post. I am scared too! I have been very careful about going out, and now with the weather changing to the higher 60s and sunny, I’m afraid it will be much easier to want to go outside. I have two medically challenged family members (daughter and grand daughter) and it’s a worry every day.

    So now I say, “stuff it”! I’m off to find some pretty yarn and knit a pretty new shawl! Thank you for the boost!

  7. Baie baie mooi. Verseker gaan ek dit nog in die jaar vir my maak. Daar is mos koue dae in somer ook.

  8. I just found your pattern and I am greatly intrigued. Is the yarn really possum fur…as in “opossum”? I live in the Deep South of the US and it would be hilarious to make something out of that fur. I would love it! I may have to order from abroad but I have to have some. Beautiful shawl and I plan to make it soon. Thank you! SusanB

  9. OK…never mind my previous post. I did some searching and answered my own question. I’m still buying some of the yarn. It would be just too funny to say I used Possom yarn… Southern hillbilly humor! SusanB

  10. Love this pattern. I live in New Zealand so i can easily get this type of yarn here as we have possums here which are not native to this country and they prey on birds like our Kiwi almost to extinction . So possum are caught and their fur is used a lot in our yarns. There are a few factories here and the yarn can be bought directly from them. As they are in NZ they end with ‘’ the supplier i use is They recently changed their site to ‘.com’ . I love granny stitch and will now go through my stash to start my own version of your pattern. Thank you for this.

    1. When I was in NZ in 2019, we were told that the authorities wants NZ possum free by 2025. If I was living in NZ or Aus, I would start a possum farm purely for the fibre. Enjoy!

  11. Being from the Southern U.S. the possum yarn definitely intrigues me but your gorgeous pattern much more! I love the color contrast. I am making an effort to complete some unfinished projects but this one has now moved in to front of the pack.

    1. The possum in Australia are different from the one in North America. Very soft and very warm. If you can find some, spoil yourself.

  12. What size crochet hook to use, none listed?

    1. It will depend on your yarn and your tension. If you are going to use fingering like I did, 3.5 to 4 mm.

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